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Start to finish funding and management for solar and wind

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Generate Change

Join our platform for building, funding, and managing renewable energy projects. From solar to wind, your house to a national forest, start to finish. Generate the change the world needs to see in exchange for shares of income and carbon offsets.


Asset management and generation optimization for small- and large-scale renewable energy operations


Fund renewable projects and own shares of output and carbon offsets. Small action, collectively, can have massive impact.

Simplify Management

Single Pane of Glass

Track projects from start to finish, for the lifetime of your renewable assets. Organize permits and streamline approvals, oversee funding, monitor power generation, and forecast output and demand. Build projects faster, and minimize your downtime.

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Why Flexfarmd

Technology-Driven Investment

Support renewable projects in exchange for a guaranteed monthly return based on power generation + interest and constantly accruing carbon offsets. Save carbon offsets, or sell them to others.

Reduce upfront cost with peer-to-peer lending, limiting risk for all parties
Guaranteed 3% minimum returns, plus monthly IRR based on power generation (est. 10-15%)
Carbon credits backed by real power. Go carbon-neutral by supporting others.
Net-Zero Now

The Carbon Rebellion

Climate change is undeniable, and the pace of change is greater than ever expected. We are at risk of missing every target. The only way we can reach a net zero future and ensure our survival is through massive collective action. We are a force multiplier for small-scale action, empowering communities to drive sustainability where governments have failed.